domingo, abril 18, 2010


Twitter is the new social networking phenomenon. It was launched in 2006 and it has around 6 million of users and growing each day. If you feel the necessity of telling everyone waht you're doing at every moment then twitter is for you. Twitter consist on short uploads where you've a limit of characters where you tell people what you're doing at a certain time.

There're people who's becoming a real addict because with your movil device if you0ve got internet on it you can easily tell the world where are you, what are you seeing. You can also upload pictures on associete websites as twitpic but they're not as important as in facebook for example, or tuenti.
One of the benefits of twitter is the possibility of ulpoading links of the pages you find interesting with new articles for example, or just tell the world that your blog is updated.

Twitter is also becoming popular because there're many famous people who publish their lifes there, so you can know what's Demi Moore doing at the moment, It's usefull also for the newspaper's because they upload there their links to the latest news so if you follow their twitter page you can be informed at every time!

Here i left you a video of the co-funder of the website who talks about the success they're having.Hope you like it!

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