domingo, abril 18, 2010


Twitter is the new social networking phenomenon. It was launched in 2006 and it has around 6 million of users and growing each day. If you feel the necessity of telling everyone waht you're doing at every moment then twitter is for you. Twitter consist on short uploads where you've a limit of characters where you tell people what you're doing at a certain time.

There're people who's becoming a real addict because with your movil device if you0ve got internet on it you can easily tell the world where are you, what are you seeing. You can also upload pictures on associete websites as twitpic but they're not as important as in facebook for example, or tuenti.
One of the benefits of twitter is the possibility of ulpoading links of the pages you find interesting with new articles for example, or just tell the world that your blog is updated.

Twitter is also becoming popular because there're many famous people who publish their lifes there, so you can know what's Demi Moore doing at the moment, It's usefull also for the newspaper's because they upload there their links to the latest news so if you follow their twitter page you can be informed at every time!

Here i left you a video of the co-funder of the website who talks about the success they're having.Hope you like it!


I found quite interesting the week we stopped by and think about the people who is behind all those pages we use everyday. Who found them, who has the idea of creating a networked community? they must be someone brilliant i thought. The truth is that they're real people as Mark Zuckerberg who founded Facebook.

He studied at Harvard, and decided to create a social network where you can finde your friends from college. The idea has such a good acceptance between the students and they extend the network to all the american colleges, finally to all the world, except from some countries where is banned.

He's one the youngest person on the forbes list. He made a huge fortune with this idea. Nowadays ther're millions of social netoworks where you can find your friends.

I' ve been looking for some interviews at youtube and i'm sure that you'll finde them interesting


First entry done! let's try the second one!

I'm not sure about the result in the first one, i'm just writting and writting and maybe doesen't makes any sense, but if it does for me blogs are meant to be a personal page so..

Next topic i want to discuss it's social networks, we've dedicated quite a long time to them and honestly it's one of the topics i've enjoyed more. Maybe i've enjoyed it more because i find it more close to me and my everyday life. We've a parallel life in the network!

I remember when tuenti and facebook were becoming more popular i used to have a fotolog where i upload my pictures everyday and that was it. I started hearig people abou tuenti about how fun it was " you can upload more than one picture per day" say the people. I always refused to create one account, " you are adiccted" i used to said, but i finished school and i was going to london for a hole gap year! and i started wondering how i'm going to keep in touch with all my friends! So i decided to create one so i can knew about their lives here in madrid.

What i want to say with this story? maybe you've found it boring, senseless, or both. The truth is that i finally create an account to feel i wasn't outside to keep in contact with all of them. But this 'keep in contact' has also a part of pure gossip. Start page in your tuenti or facebook account: you can see evry single change or upload in their profiles so you just click on them and start knowing about their weekend who are they going to meet today at five for a beer... i don't konw. And this gossip it's fine if they're your true friends but the truth is that more than just your firends can acceed to your profile and not only them you've part of your life published on the internet! have you ever tried on google yourself the first things that pop out are yout facebook accounts!!

It's true that all the SSNN(social networks) have their privacy policy but your profile can be hacked! ther're people who sell data. So my solution it's to be careful with what you publish at your profile. How much do you want people to konw about you?

Maybe i haven't explain myself as good as i wanted so here i left you some articles on SSNN privacy:

The economist

The guardian

sábado, abril 17, 2010


Creating the blog at last minute.

I've been wondering all the weekend about what can i write here that resluts interesting for people to read and it's kind of hard. But they say that you can't like everyone, so i'm going to write what comes into my mind when i think about all the things we've been discussing at class.

The first thing i wonder about it's blogging. I'm doing this due to our class proyect but every word i type at the keyboard makes me feel more enthusiastic about my new blog! Maybe i could get a bunch of followers! who knows!

Blogging has became a very popular practice nowadays with the internet era. It's true that due to the digital divide not everyone can create one and upload it every day, but it's possible for most of the people. You can find blogs aboyt everything, food, fashion, sports, cinema, news... you just need to look for them.

But let's focus on journalism and blogs. Most of the journalists have one where they wrote about their thoughts, comment the latest news and gave their opinion which is useful because they also have some feedback from their readers. Everyone can create a blog so you don't need to be a journalist to have one and you can do the same as them, common people are creating their own blogs and becoming an important source of information on the internet.

Participatory and citizen journalism are two things becoming very popular, and who knows i'm starting today, but maybe afterall i can become a citizen journalist!